Updates on Veterinary CPR

Speaker: Elizabeth Thomovsky

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Updates on Veterinary CPR

Refresh yourself on the current recommendations veterinary CPR.  Help to remind yourself of the best ways to treat and monitor patients who arrest as well as the best ways to prepare yourself and your hospital to effectively run a code in dogs and cats.

Learning objectives

  1. The attendee should be comfortable with the steps of basic life support.
  2. The attendee should be able to identify when and which drug to administer during CPR in addition to which drugs to avoid during CPR.
  3. The attendee should be able to interpret basic ECG arrest rhythms including knowing the best treatment for each arrhythmia.
  4. The attendee should understand the role of fluid therapy in CPR.
  5. The attendee should have an understanding of what information the monitors used in CPR provide to them.