The surprising truth behind genuinely living with passion and purpose

Speaker: Jenny Guyat

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The surprising truth behind genuinely living with passion and purpose

It would be lovely to think there is a set formula for finding our passion and purpose; that if we uncover your personal values, think about what you love doing and combine these in a job role then happiness and fulfilment should result – right?


While this is definitely a helpful place to start the thinking process, there seems to be a chasm between knowing this intellectually and having the courage to step onto the pathway and turn it into your reality.


What lurks at the bottom of that chasm, causing us to feel the fear and stay small is often shame in its various disguises.  If we are to feel the fear, overcome it and ‘do it anyway’ then we have to understand our adversary and how to beat it.


Secondly we need to find the healthiest ‘bridge’ over that chasm to give ourselves the best chance to realise our full potential and become who we are meant to be.  Surprisingly the most effective bridge over that chasm is our own vulnerability, which we tend to view as our ‘Achilles heel’ or a form of weakness.


In this presentation, we will review the research data on shame and vulnerability to reveal how they relate to each of us.  We will look at why shame and blame are so prevalent in our profession and the effects they have.  We will conclude with tools and resources for protecting ourselves against shame, and also for how to practice an appropriate level of vulnerability that gives us the courage and bravery we need to reach our passion and purpose.


By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Understand shame and how it relates to each of us and our profession


  • Bust the common myths around vulnerability


  • Identify the ‘Vulnerability Armour’ we use to protect ourselves and how it blocks us from finding our purpose and passion


  • How to beat the shame gremlins using the four pillars of shame resilience


  • How to gradually build our ability to tolerate and value our own vulnerabilities while taking courageous action towards our goals