Radiography of the Distal Limb

Speaker: Carolin Gerdes

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Radiography of the Distal Limb

Distal limb pathology is a common cause of lameness in horses. Radiography is one of the most important standard imaging modalities for the distal limb. Good radiography skills are important because improved image quality and a suitable choice of projections will enhance the quality of the technique.

Radiography of the distal limb involves imaging of the digit, the fetlock joint region, metacarpus/metatarsus and the carpus/tarsus. For each area there are standard projections as well as additional views to highlight specific regions of interest. Image quality is maximised by accurate patient preparation, positioning of the limb and image acquisition. A standard approach to reading distal limb radiographs with examples for the normal appearance versus pathological findings will help to improve image interpretation skills.

This webinar will be useful for mixed and equine practitioners who want to improve their skills of acquiring and interpreting radiographs of the distal limb.



  • Acquire radiographs of the distal limb (standard projections and additional views)
  • Maximise your image quality
  • Improve image interpretation skills