Pain and Dentistry: Does it Really Hurt?

Speaker: Alex Smithson

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Pain and Dentistry: Does it Really Hurt?

Complications in dentistry and oral surgery have the potential to cause significant pain – forward planning and good technique is essential. The severity of pain is easily underestimated in dental cases; conditions resulting in necessity for extraction are frequently painful, and this is then followed by the surgical stimulus. Patients for dental, oral and maxillofacial surgery thus experience severe, noxious stimulus. To protect their welfare and avoid complication, careful, appropriate technique coupled with appropriate analgesia must be used. The value of pre-emptive analgesia is well documented for any procedure where noxious stimulus is involved. The operator must accurately anticipate the type and degree of stimulus in order to select the optimal analgesic regime to reduce pain, aid healing and recovery. Local analgesic techniques should be considered for all cases as, whilst not entirely benign and care is required, performed properly it is simple and highly effective.


This webinar provides essential, practical advice to guide your approach and techniques to identify, prevent and reduce pain in dental and oral cases.


Topics to be covered include:

  • Anticipating pain – dental and oral surgery cases
  • Multi-modal analgesia
  • Local analgesia
  • Surgical techniques