Happy you AND happy team Change one thing and you could change your life . .

Speaker: Rachel Duncan

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Happy you AND happy team Change one thing and you could change your life . .

Webinar synopsis:

With compassion fatigue and poor mental health a recognised risk of the job and veterinary suicides 3-4 times higher than the national average, wellbeing for veterinary staff has never been so important. This seminar will focus on what drove one practice to embark on a morale boosting five-year wellbeing journey with award-winning results. You’ll learn about proven initiatives that have made a positive difference to vet team and individuals. You’ll find out common inhibitors and enablers experienced by others who share your role. And you’ll take away valuable wellbeing tools you can apply daily to stimulate positive thinking and reduce stress. Most importantly, at the end of the 30 minutes, you should have identified a list of changes you can influence, whatever your level of seniority, to put positivity and passion at the forefront of your work.

Learning objectives:


  • Understanding the term ‘well-being’
  •     The four drivers of well-being for personal contentment
  •     Learning sustainable strategies for dealing with work-related personal stagnation, negative mood and team fragmentation
  • Simple mindfulness practice to promote good mental health
  • For delegates to use webinar information to identify areas for positive change in their own vet practice and to feel capable of making, or helping to make, that proactive change for benefit to self and team.