Emergent Data in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine

Speaker: Karen Overall

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Emergent Data in Veterinary Behavioral Medicine

In an age where information is more available and more important than ever, few practitioners have access to the primary literature and the data within it, and even fewer have the time to read the literature at all, let alone critically. Accordingly, most veterinarians lack access to anything but distilled popular interpretations of what news services perceive to be flashy research results. These dramatic encapsulated reports are invariably devoid of a context in which to place any of those findings and are never accompanied by any commentary on relevance or utility. If practitioners are to be the best clinicians possible they need access to the data in the evidence-based medicine literature. Fortunately, by providing some critical thought structure (“Is there any real outcome here that matters?” “What is the size of the effect and is it clinically relevant?”) and various levels of web access to both literature alerts and the primary articles, practitioners can take advantage of the work by the many researchers who have returned to excellent, basic science evaluation techniques in behavior and behavioral medicine and who are producing excellent data that can inform how we practice and how we treat our patients.

Those who participate in this webinar will have the facility to:

– Identify sources of email alerts of recently published scientific papers in areas of research to them

– Understand the risks of relying only on abstracts, compared with full papers

– Understand the varied options for various levels of source access for scientific papers

– Understand issues pertaining to focus of the study, experimental design, sample size, size of any effect, and domain of generality for the topics of interest

– Be introduced to a series of papers that are focusing on clinically relevant behavioral data that are of direct interest to those involved in patient care