Building for the Cow

Speaker: Owen Atkinson

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Building for the Cow

Creating the right environment for the cow is fundamental for good health.

As vets and advisers, we need to understand different building designs, identify problem
areas, and be able to help farmers implement the right solutions.

In this webinar, a large number of photographic examples will be used to demonstrate
what works and what doesn’t. Three main areas will be focussed on:

1. Youngstock: the environmental requirements of youngstock, and how these
can be achieved for different management systems, will be discussed.

2. Cubicle housing: cubicle house layouts, dimensions, space allowances and
bedding types are all important. Some common problem areas with suggested
solutions will be shown.

3. Transition cow and calving facilities: management and environment are
closely interlinked and never more so than for the transition cow. Discover the
best ways of achieving success through good housing.

Five learning objectives

At the end of this webinar, participants will have an appreciation for:
• the role of the vet in building design on cattle farms

• looking after the cow’s needs, using CowSignals™ “six freedoms of pasture”

• the six critical features of cubicle design

• meeting the special environmental requirements of youngstock

• designing a system to accommodate the needs of the maternity cow