Advances in Locoregional Anaesthesia

Speaker: Kieren Maddern

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Advances in Locoregional Anaesthesia

The use of local anaesthetic agents to provided anaesthesia and analgesia has expanded rapidly over the last few years in both human and veterinary medicine. There are many new techniques that can be easily applied in practice to achieve a superior levels of patient comfort. This presentation will review how to utilise a variety of methods to obtain maximal effectiveness and minimise the potential for any adverse effects that may occur.


5 learning objectives

  1. To recognise why locoregional anaesthesia may be advantageous
  2. To become familiar with the different methods of providing locoregional anaesthesia to veterinary patients
  3. To understand the various methods of accurately locating relevant nerves
  4. To be aware of potential adverse effects and how to mitigate them
  5. To be aware of the differences between different local anaesthetics and how the addition of various adjuvants can improve block quality