Melania Gamboa & Emily Mudoga

Melania Gamboa & Emily Mudoga

Dr. Melania Gamboa is a Kansas State University graduate who was been working for World Animal Protection since 2010.  She is the veterinary programmes manager for Latin America and has been involved in programmes and campaigns to protect dogs and cats in the region. She is currently working with the Costa Rican government to implement a national Dog and Cat Population Management Pilot Project with municipalities.  Additionally, she is working on a digital project that will help to deliver responsible pet ownership and dog welfare information to dog owners in Spanish speaking countries. She loves dogs and has a canine daughter called Chumeca.


A day in my life: Dog this, dog that, dog here, doggy there and in the evening neighbour’s doggy at my door step ‘tummy rub please’ 😉


Dr. Emily Mudoga holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Veterinary Medicine (1997) from the University of Nairobi and a Masters of Public Health MPh (2005) from the University of Melbourne.  Since 2013 she carries the World Animal Protection’s Better Lives for Dogs Campaign in the Sub-Saharan African region. Emily has worked with UNGA Farm Care Ltd national dip programme in Kenya, partnered with the government of Kenya, with Vétérinaries Sans Frontiéres Germany South Sudan (Rinderpest eradication & emergency) programme and has worked in various stages as a clinician and the pet store industry.

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